#BrandManagerMonth: Re-brand just the beginning for Change News

Local good news portal Marketing CSI South Africa (MCSISA) recently underwent a rebranding exercise that saw the platform renamed to Change News. Previously only focusing on CSI initiatives in SA, the portal now covers other inspirational stories involving change created for the better.

We interviewed Glenda Mansfield, CEO and marketing director of the MCSISA Group, to find out why the rebrand was necessary, what she loves most about working with the brand, and her brand objectives for 2017.

MCSISA recently rebranded to Change News – could you tell us why this was implemented?

Originally only highlighting the good works performed by South African businesses through their corporate social investment and responsibility outreach programmes, the portal has quickly evolved to encompass numerous other inspirational tales of those involved in creating change for the better – as a result the platform will now be called Change News. 

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