publisher network

Change News Digital has partnered with the most high-profiled publisher network in the country. Together we aim to change the narrative, by telling a new and epic story.


We facilitate content produced by our excellent network for clients in the form of native or sponsored content. This will ensure that you always publish quality omni-channel advertising content, allowing you to earn digital revenue without losing credibility.

social media

We sell native and sponsored content on your social media platforms.
We’re able to define your rates, guide your native advertising strategies, guidelines – and project manage your native advertising department to increase revenue potential.


Native and Sponsored advertising has its separate set of rules that will either rank your publisher website higher or lower. With extensive research done in the past, we have implemented these rules to publisher sites, so that content advertising does not impact your organic and search traffic.


We want to write epic stories about your newsroom, your journalists and editors. We believe the best stories come from your behind-the-scenes. This gives the public an insight into how much work goes into producing content, and why it’s important for newspapers to generate revenue.


Our excellent ‘Change Network’ has potential to create high-quality native and sponsored content for your advertising clients. This will eliminate the concern of using newsroom resources to serve clients.



Strategic planning and execution of brand strategy as well as ensuring the strong management to take on relevant tasks and ensure public networks display motives that align with the brand.



We will provide you with data to understand which clients with spend potential, is equal to your audience. This will allow us to work together to propose native solutions to the correct clients.


Once your native campaign has run, we will guide you towards compiling an effective report that will retain advertising clients. We will guide you on how to plan your native and sponsored placements, timing and operation so that when it’s time to unpack how your data reaches client objectives, you have a great report to show. We will also provide you with professional templates for clients.