public relations and communication

change news digital-PR and communications
  • Preparing media calendars by researching and developing talking points aligned with South Africa’s important conversations.
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with media publishers, PR companies, communities and public interest groups.
  • Preparing and editing publications for online platforms.
  • Writing and publishing good news press releases and other media communications to promote clients on digital publications suitable for client recognition.
  • Planning or directing the development of programs on behalf of public, private and NGO sectors to maintain favourable public and stakeholder views of the organization’s agenda and accomplishments.
  • Strategise according to organization’s CSI objectives, promotional policies, and the need to build positive public image and influence public opinion in turn promoting products, ideas, and services.
  • Coaching client representatives in effective and positive communication with the public through our journalism lens.
  • Providing feedback to managers to further identify trends and group interests through actionable analytics, ultimately providing advice and influencing business decisions.