CN Digital (Pty) Ltd builds media / digital / tech labs that enable young, empowered
citizens of South Africa to change and control the narrative of Africa’s version of the 4IR.

CN Digital is primarily aimed at collaborating with communities to drive change in our
country. Our labs are aimed at young people who ordinarily do not get
opportunities to build their own business models, or enter the job market, due to lack of
experience or opportunities in the industry.

The CND team collaborates with an extended network and partners who have massive
amounts of expertise and willingness to help communities, from across the country, and
the world within the industry. Together, the network becomes a powerful resource that
needs to be utilised to shape the future of South Africa and Africa at large.
When given the necessary entrepreneurial skills that would help develop sustainable
career development, we in turn look to these young people for guidance on how they
change the world through our leaders.

company background

What we know today as CN Digital was conceptualised in 2016 under the name Marketing Corporate Social Investment South Africa (MCSISA). In March 2017, it underwent re-branding and the Change News Online Publisher platform was born. Upon its success, the need to expand the brand beyond a publishing service became apparent after digital visionaries joined. Change News Digital was launched in 2019 which now offers a bouquet of digital services

The team is made up of experienced, dynamic, vibrant individuals from various skilled backgrounds, which collectively boast a range of expertise that expand across the digital sphere, creative and intrinsic nature of brand development, business management as well as training and skills development.

We pride ourselves in our ability to develop and maintain relationships built on trust, credibility and optimized results.

why we do it

Africa is bravely fighting the ‘resource curse’ to secure a better reputation, dignity and social justice. CN Digital understands its duty and therefore acts as a hybrid between publisher and technology to consolidate efforts for South Africa’s future. By combining digital media, journalism, innovative technological development, marketing, AI, data and publisher platforms with graduates, the platform is ready to evolve into an instrument of change for the organisations, and projects it services.

We wish to drive the process from a circle of concern to a circle of control in a strategic effort to serve as a catalyst for industries growth, identify and disseminate examples of industry innovations, provide relevant platforms to exchange information and ideas, and advocate and communicate views and interests of black people in South Africa, to South Africa and the global landscape.

This represents a new and exciting channel of information that educates and inspires its citizens online and more so prompts the nation to act together by encouraging positive action. CN Digital’s flagship project, “Digital Internship Labs” takes ownership of Africa’s future. Combining advanced technologies, media, training and development to realise the true potential of its citizens with a potential for scale and replication.

This will in turn enforce change for the better and open minds to the multitude of opportunities available for achieving South Africa’s vision for 2030.

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