Change News Media hybrid media-tech lab specializing in new media content marketing that builds a symbiotic service with mainstream media tactics and traditional consumer marketing strategies.

Who we are

Our Digital Lab offers a bouquet of services which is built on how to be a digital content distribution platform to earn revenue in South Africa: laying the foundation to become blueprint experts and leaders in the industry that will amplify your voice to create a ripple effect in the global conversations.


What we do


  • Create and channel ‘good news’ content for your platforms
  • Manage paid social media marketing
  • Initiate and manage offline community events to channel audiences towards your online platforms
  • Manage your Search Engine Optimization
  • Manage your content marketing solutions
  • Build your website and/or digital strategies
  • Build and manage your social media strategies


  • We train and upskill your teams in your environment or ours
  • Train and upskill your teams to optimize your digital offerings; ie: social media, paid marketing, SEO, website management


  • Website audits and technical implementation
  • WordPress website development
  • Social Media audits and implementation for optimization
  • Set-up your social media platforms to implement paid media marketing


  • Meet with advertising clients on your behalf
  • Manage pitch to clients
  • Manage advertising administration
  • Will traffic native content creation with your content writers and will upload to your content platforms
  • Manage post reporting
  • Split revenue percentage
  • No cost to you

Meet The Team

Our team is made up of experienced, dynamic, vibrant individuals who build relationships on trust, credibility and optimized results.

change news media glenda bhana

Glenda Bhana – Chief Executive Officer

Razia pillay change news media image

Razia Pillay – Managing Director

Gail Adriaan – Project Manager

Carlyle Robertson – Creative

Why do we do it

Millions of lower and middle socio-economic people have very little or no access to educative and positive information that will allow them to actively influence and partake in initiatives to better themselves and positively influence their communities which in turn influence South Africa’s economy at large.

Particularly aimed at the The NDP Vision 2030, in line with the fourth industrial revolution, Change News Media focuses on partnering with enterprises whose goals are to reach these people on platforms where audiences exist – offline and online and pair them with audiences who sit in the higher income bracket – to bridge the gap that inspires collaboration. This will in turn bring about change for the better.

"Laying the foundation to become the experts and leaders in the industry, forming a huge part of the global language."

Contact Us

  • +27 74 436 5217
  • +27 71 394 4928