Good news stories can change SA

With many organisations focussing on making a positive difference in their communities there’s a need to make the world aware of their good work and put them in touch with businesses who can help them.

Marketing Corporate Social Investment South Africa (MCSISA), based in Century City, has created a news distribution platform to showcase the good news and events that are happening in South Africa, specifically in the corporate social investment and responsibility areas.

good news-change news digital-image

“It’s an unassailable fact that we are surrounded with bad news headlines. Everywhere we look, or indeed listen and watch, we are told how it couldn’t be worse, for individuals, the country, and even the planet.

“But, there is actually a whole lot of really good news that is happening, and right on our doorsteps and it’s time to share them.”

Co-founder Glenda Mansfield is also a firm believer in the fact that good news sells.

“Everyday there are miracles happening in our communities,” she says.

“These good works are performed by incredible human beings and thankfully we have a lot of them, probably more than anyone is aware of.

“We started this initiative with support of government funding as a way to showcase the real good stuff that is happening on the ground in this great country of ours.

“It’s a portal for change and we are encouraging everyone in South Africa to get to know what’s happening in their areas, tell us their own stories of greatness so we can share them with the country and even the world, and so we can start to shift attitude.

“We are of the firm opinion that a groundswelling of good news stories can even promote a better economy,” she says.

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