corporate social investment initiatives

CN Digital is a hybrid digital media agency that bridges the gap between journalism and creative agency through an internship digital lab which incubates creative graduates or post-matriculants who have what it takes to change the narrative of Africa.


Great work deserves recognition, the ability to inspire others, and hope. Most people on social media and online news channels are looking for inspiring news. We guide you towards sharing your work across digital and social platforms to amplify the voices of the people whose lives you have changed.

social media

Social Media platforms bring people together by algorithms. These algorithms define how we reach, engage with people and how far we go with telling a story. We follow the rules of these algorithms with organic and paid social media to motivate a nation with your CSI initiatives, and inspire those who wish to be a part of changing the world.


Google loves to ‘hear’ and ‘tell’ good news stories. Initiatives that extend towards good news global storytelling allows the internet to influence people to make the world a better place. We allow your work to rank better on the Google Search Engine, as well as use this platform to properly document your CSI initiatives.


Your story is not just a story. It’s a story of how your corporate gives back to build a better South Africa. It’s not just about putting facts together. It’s about getting to the heart of the matter. We tell your story the way it deserves to be told. We build brand sentiment and bring people together.


Struggling to produce a story you know deserves to be heard? Struggling to get it produced in a way that is visual, creative and expertly put together? We have a network of brilliant content developers who can make you a video, animation, article, data visualisation – or photography to compile your stories, get it published, and give back to you.


Your CSI projects are just as important as the brand that is allocating budget towards the initiatives. Allow us to ensure that your CSI initiatives are aligned with your brand, on social media, digital marketing channels and Google.


You’re doing great work, but you’re not sure if the work is recognised, reaching its intended audiences or creating the impact it deserves. We will produce and provide you with market research to get started on your CSI projects to ensure impactful work.


Data is important to present in a report. Data backs up all the work done for the year. We monitor social media, online channels on how your CSI initiatives are being recognised online and provide you with a comprehensive report so that you can use the data to work on your next project, and show accountability of impact and reach.