CN digital lab

digital reinvention

We build and enhance digital capabilities for organisations, keeping them relevant, innovative and accountable. CN Digital labs also provide a space for the up-skilling of youth. They will be fed into the job market contributing to the sustainable growth of the South African digital economy and Africa at large.

Businesses are evolving rapidly to keep up with changing customer expectations, technological advancements and new forms of competitors.

The success of the enterprise depends on the skills and capabilities required to function in a digitally driven environment.

These skills are in the form of new types of talent, a flexible and innovative operating model, and corporate cultural mind-shift.

We help clients close this capability gap through Digital Business Building within the CN Digital incubation labs. These labs provide services necessary to optimise functionality in a digitally driven environment.


We partner up with professionals from media, marketing and tech backgrounds to expose young people to digital media, marketing and tech. 

We train and upskill talented youth, to combine social development with economic development strategies for digital media and marketing.

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